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A Difference You Can Taste: Why Free-Range and Grass-Fed Meat is Better

Finding artisan, humanely raised, free-range, grass-fed, and wild meat is difficult but not impossible. Angel's Salumi & Truffles explains the different types of meat, why wild, free-range, and grass-fed meat is best, and where to buy a variety of humanely raised meats.

The Best Salami and Cheese Pairings for a Quick and Easy Charcuterie

While you could pair any type of lunch meat you have laying around with any type of cheese you find in your refrigerator, you could also discover the best salami and cheese pairings for a quick and easy charcuterie. Upgrade your lunch with these best salami and cheese pairings.

What Does Truffle Salami Taste Like?

The Truffle Salami from Angel's Salumi & Truffles unifies two culinary gems: Berkshire Pork and Truffles. Learn what truffle salami tastes like with this in-depth look at what truffle salami is, the types of truffle salami, and where to buy truffle salami in San Diego.

8 Best Gourmet Food Gift Baskets to Give This Holiday Season

A holiday gourmet gift basket – overflowing with culinary delights to eat and celebrate – is the perfect holiday gift idea for friends, family, clients, colleagues, and everyone else on your list. These eight showstopper gift baskets from Angel’s Salumi & Truffles are the perfect gourmet food gift baskets to give this holiday season.