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6 Best Artisan Food Gift Baskets to Give Anyone Who Loves European Cuisine

A holiday artisan food gift basket can be anything that would satisfy the appetite and taste buds of the gift recipients on your holiday shopping list, from truffle-themed gifts, perhaps with truffle salami, perhaps all wild game meats, or even an entire selection of pork-free delicacies. Regardless of which type of artisan food gift basket you choose to gift someone this holiday season, the key is to pick the gourmet gift baskets you know are guaranteed to make the recipient smile.

A History of French and Italian Cuisine

Food is a vital element of French and Italian culture, with a rich culinary history that brought new flavors, dishes, and gastronomic experiences to both the old and present-day societies. Learn about the flavorful history of French and Italian cuisine. 

How Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Made

The reason extra virgin olive oil is so popular comes down to it being the highest quality olive oil available, which is a result of how it is made. Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the fruit of an olive tree without the use of any heat or solvents, and its production process is governed by the highest of organoleptic and chemical standards. Learn how extra virgin olive oil is made with this blog post from Angel's Salumi & Truffles.

Making the Perfect Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

Making a Thanksgiving charcuterie board to serve as an appetizer is a fun (and effective!) way to keep everyone out of the kitchen and busy while the main dishes are being finished. 

What Makes Berkshire Pork So Special?

Berkshire pork is prized around the world for its richness, succulent texture, marbling, and complexity of flavor. The taste of Berkshire pork is unlike that of any other meat, carrying a distinct flavor that is far from bland, mild, or generic like other types of pork. 

But, why is Berkshire pork so special?

The history of the Berkshire hog breed is what sets the foundation for the popularity and the superior quality of Berkshire pork meat.