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Summer Truffle Risotto

by Pascal Besset 28 Mar 2019 0 Comments
Summer Truffle Risotto - Angel's Salumi & Truffles

Chef Pascal Besset shows us just how quickly one can make risotto in this Summer Truffle Risotto recipe. Add fresh grated Summer Truffle for extra flavor. Video: Summer Truffle Risotto 



Arborio Rice
White Truffle Oil
White Truffle Butter
Black Winter Truffle Juice
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Chicken Stock
Parmesan Cheese
Black Peppercorn
Fresh Truffle
White Wine




  1. Preheat pan
  2. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  3. Add onions, allow to begin caramelization
  4. Add white wine, chicken stock
  5. Cook
  6. Add Arborio rice
  7. Add white wine to rice mix
  8. Reduce wine
  9. Add cracked peppercorn
  10. Shred fresh truffles atop risotto
  11. Incorporate chicken stock and reduce
  12. Splash of truffle juice
  13. Let risotto cook for approximately 15-20 mins
  14. Add more chicken stock, lower pan temperature
  15. Add white truffle butter
  16. Add parmesan cheese
  17. Add a dash of salt
  18. Mix until butter has melted into risotto
  19. Add parmesan cheese to taste
  20. Add white truffle oil
  21. Add fresh truffle ontop
  22. Drizzle of olive oil and garnish


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