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Italian Artichoke Hearts in a Transparent Jar With a Paper Cap
Italian Artichoke Hearts in a Transparent Jar With a Paper Cap

Product Summary

Whether you choose plain artichoke hearts or artichoke pieces, the vegetable retains its tenderness and can be served as an antipasto or added to a salad. Italian Artichoke Hearts from Angel’s Salumi & Truffles contain freshly harvested artichoke hearts grown in Italy and marinated in a little bit of pepper and our extra virgin olive oil to create a delicious and flavorful product that enhances the taste and experience of each meal it is a part of.

Italian artichokes are flavorful and robust, with a versatile taste that lends itself well to numerous uses in cooking, with the heart being the most delicious and savory part. Italian Artichoke Hearts can be eaten plainly with warm bread or added to favorite recipes, such as meat and seafood dishes, or simply slice them up and use atop a salad or pizza.

Sealed in a 10.2 Ounce Jar

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