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Fresh Black Summer Truffles Scattered
Fresh Black Summer Truffles Scattered

The Black Summer Truffle develops normally and subtly beneath the dirt's surface in open forests, often times noted by the nonattendance of green vegetation under the trees. Uncovered territories, implying the nearness of truffles, are called terre brulé (burnt ground). The Black Summer truffle, though most often found in France, can actually be found in wealth all through Europe.


These truffles are sold as whole pieces, 1oz-1.5oz in average weight. For best taste, store in cool, dry place (like the refrigerator!). Remember, moisture is the truffle's worst enemy. If stored wrapped in unbleached paper towels to combat moisture, change wrappings daily.

Because truffles are foraged from the earth, flavor and will naturally vary. We select truffles with tremendous care based on visual and olfactory inspection, but we cannot taste each truffle. Enjoy!

Why are truffles so precious?

Truffle is known to be the highest priced food you can eat. The reason being that it is not possible to plant and farm them easily. In many regions of Europe and the US, people are trying to expand truffle production by creating truffle farms. This is very difficult to accomplish and the truffle quality and aroma of wild-grown truffle is far better. Truffles grow in a symbiotic relationship with the roots of suitable host trees. In this mutually beneficial relationship, the truffle supplies the plant with minerals from the soil, and in return the plant provides the fungus with its required nutrients. The truffle fungus grows around and partially into the first few layers of the host roots, eventually encapsulating them, 

Cooking With Truffle: 

Black truffles are best when cooked because the heating process releases the wonderful truffle flavor and aroma. Place thin slices of black truffle under the skin of uncooked poultry such as duck or pheasant. For the ultimate pairing, add sliced truffles to your foie gras preparation. Black truffles pair well with many other meats including beef and pork as well as game meats such as venison and boar. Black truffles are also wonderful in sauces made with hearty wine or brandy. Pasta and Risotto with truffles are also a specialty.  Both White truffle butter and black truffle butter are an aromatic alternative to standard butter. Eggs with truffle is a famous yet easy dish to prepare. White truffles are mostly used shaved or grated raw over fresh pasta, risotto, meats and fish. White truffle should not be cooked in order to keep the intensity of their flavor. 

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