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The Prestigious Berkshire (Kurobuta) Pork.

Do you know what sets Angel’s salumi apart from the rest? The legendary Berkshire heritage of pork, pure and simple. While hand-crafted salami is abundant nowadays, you start to see cured meats with flavors boasting cacao, lemongrass, coffee, molé, or even absinthe.  Here at Angel’s Salumi & Truffles, we see that as a cover-up for salami that isn’t living up to its potential.  Take our pork, for example, the prized Berkshire breed of pig known for its distinct ruby color, beautiful marbling, and smooth texture.  The fat content in Berkshire breeds exists at a lower melting point, resulting in a sweet, buttery mouthfeel. Simple right? That’s why we let the meat do the talking. The Berkshire breed is known in Japan as, Kurobuta.  Next time you come across this word on a menu,  you should know that the chef has got a keen sense for quality.  This "black hog" is juicy, with a mouth-watering texture that you can only find in this prized breed.


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