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The 8 Best Occasions to Give a Charcuterie Gift Basket

by James Van Wagoner 07 Jul 2022 0 Comments
The 8 Best Occasions to Give a Charcuterie Gift Basket - Angel's Salumi & Truffles

 On any given day of the year, someone somewhere is looking for the perfect gift for that special occasion. For the gourmet food lover, receiving a gourmet gift basket of charcuterie items is something that is sure to delight any foodie. Whether it be a birthday, holiday, employee recognition, or just because, we’ve created a list of the best occasions to give a charcuterie gift basket to that special someone out there on their special day of the year.


1. Housewarming

Giving a gourmet gift for new homeowners is at the top of our list because honestly, settling into a new space can take some time and energy. Unpacking boxes and doing some heavy lifting can become quite a feat that takes time and builds up an appetite. Whether it’s their first night in, or the night of the housewarming party, gifting with a bountiful array of edible cured delights is a great way to welcome this milestone occasion.  

Couple with boxes on heads in a new home


2. Birthday

As we all know, birthdays come only once a year. A thoughtful way to show that foodie in your life how much you care on that day can be shown in the art of artisan cured meats and cheese. Giving a gift with a variety of gourmet foods will make sure that they’ll be surprised with something that they’ll love to snack on. In this case, we recommend they get to have their charcuterie and eat it too.


3. Wedding / Engagement

When the happy couple’s love language is food, an elegant gift of gourmet treats is surely something that the happy pair can share with one another. With a lovely basket of charcuterie items, you can share the experience of creating a romantic occasion with a gourmet charcuterie board, a bottle of wine, and deep, loving stares into each other’s eyes.


4. Promotion / Corporate Gifting

In the world of business, colleagues, clients, and employees alike are putting in their efforts on a daily basis to make a positive impact in their roles. When it comes time to show your appreciation for their hard work and performance, get them a gift of protein-packed charcuterie gifts to keep their brilliant minds fueled. Corporate charcuterie gift baskets are also a great way for businesses to gift in bulk quantities during the holidays for businesses with employees who work remotely. Opening the front door to a gift of this gourmet magnitude really shows your appreciation for their talents and skills.

Coworkers showing appreciation


5. Graduation

Graduation is a time to celebrate the numerous years of learning, studying for exams, and cramming the space between the ears full of knowledge for a bright future. No longer will their academic diet consist of ramen noodles and air-fried pizza rolls. No, this is the time to dine like a true scholar and enjoy the sophisticated taste and caliber of artisanal charcuterie.


6. Retirement

Retirement is a moment in life where time really gets to slow down and you get to savor the little things in life, especially charcuterie gifts. What a better way to say goodbye to working for the man and waking up to alarm clocks than with a luxurious gift of slow-cured, dry-aged meats for a retirement celebration.


7. Sympathy

We all go through some rough patches from time to time, and it’s in these moments where all we need is a small gesture from someone reminding us that everything is going to be okay. A gift to show your sympathy can mean the world to someone who is feeling down and out. Maybe consuming large amounts of ice cream is the solution to the blues, so why not salami? After all, it doesn’t melt.  


8. Just Because

Are you feeling spontaneous? Inspired by gratitude and good will? Why not send a gourmet gift to your food-loving amazon delivery driver, to your personal trainer who helped you reach your fitness goals with protein-rich salami, to the cute lifeguard who saved your charcuterie board from the seagulls at the beach last weekend. Sometimes sending a gourmet gift just because can change your world for the better.


an illustration of giving a gift

In short:

There are so many occasions on any given day to show you care with a charcuterie gift basket. When shopping for the perfect gourmet gift, Angel’s Salumi & Truffles has the best selection of gourmet gift baskets for that special foodie in your life. Visit our Gift Basket page at https://www.angelsalumi.com/pages/angels-gift-baskets and if you have any questions, feel free to give our gift basket specialists a call, we’ll be here to help you with all of your giving needs.


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