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10 of The Best Ways To Cook With Truffle Butter Right Now

by James Van Wagoner 15 Sep 2021 0 Comments
10 of The Best Ways To Cook With Truffle Butter Right Now - Angel's Salumi & Truffles
Truffle butter soft scrambled eggs

Every great chef knows that cooking with butter is better, especially when it’s rich, luxurious truffle butter. Butter really acts as a flavor enhancer if you will. It is sweet, smooth, salty and a traditional staple in any kitchen. After all, butter is delicious fat, and it is one of the most important elements we use in cooking.  Butter melts at around 95° Fahrenheit, curiously close to the temperature inside our mouths. Coincidence? I think not.

Over the years, butter has developed and evolved into more than 15 different styles we have come to know and love. Nowadays you can find everything from thick, tangy cultured butters for slathering on artisan sourdough loaves, to airy, whipped varieties for those being mindful of their physique. Dare we even mention plant-based butters seen at the local market?

In any case, we’re here to talk about the marvel that is truffle butter. With its luxurious aroma and countless ways to incorporate into your favorite dishes, here at Angel’s Salumi & Truffles, we would like to share our 10 best ways to cook with truffle butter right now because we may know a thing or two on the subject.


#1: Soft scrambled eggs.

This French dish is not only reserved for the morning.  In fact, when great truffles are on hand, expert chefs have been known to recreate the lovely harmony that is soft scrambled eggs and shaved truffles for any meal. See how we make them here.



#2: Mac + cheese.

This is an easy way to transform an ordinary dish into something exquisite.  In this dish, black truffle butter is great, though using white truffle butter with a blend of Italian cheeses is the way to go. Also, a little goes a long way so be sure to gauge the right amount.


#3: Pasta.

Truffles and pasta go hand in hand. In the Langhe area of Italy where truffles are abundant, a famous pasta by the name of, “tajarin” is king.  This is a rich, hand-cut pasta made with minimal ingredients: flour, egg yolk, water, and white truffle butter. Try it.


#4: Risotto.

An infamous way to use truffle butter is in risotto.  Having a similar consistency to eggs and pasta but with a little more bite, risotto has a special connection with truffles, especially the arborio varietal. When storing the truffle for freshness, you are to keep it buried in an ideal climate that arborio rice provides. A match made in gourmet heaven if you ask us.


#5: Finishing a steak (or wild game).

If you weren’t aware, truffle butter is a compound butter, and compound butters love to sit atop meat.  A compound butter is butter that has been heated and combined with other ingredients.  We’ve done the work for you here. All you do is slice off a pat of black truffle butter and in a pan, baste your meat of choice.


#6: Mashed potatoes.

Truffles and potatoes play very nicely together.  The rich, fluffy texture of mashed potatoes paired with the aroma of the truffle is magical. Truffle fries could be nice with truffle butter, though drizzled with Maison Crayssac’s white truffle oil is the ideal choice. See how we make them here.


#7: Popcorn.

Now that’s an idea, truffle butter popcorn. The stovetop method of popping the kernels works well here because the butter can be melted in the same pot. Hit it with some salt and nutritional yeast to finish.


#8: Sauces.

Beurre blanc comes to mind as one of our favorite French sauces for fish. This egg-less sauce is made with butter, shallots, wine vinegar, and muscadet (a French white wine).  Substituting white truffle butter in a beurre blanc lends the taste of nutty garlic to any seafood dish such as scallops, turbot, or salmon.


#9: Cornbread.

Cornbread may come as a surprise, but when you finish those sweet and salty muffins with a spread of smooth truffle butter, you and your guests won’t be having just one.


#10 Black truffle brioche (sweet).

Let us not forget about baking with this lovely truffle butter.  Incorporate Angel’s black truffle butter with your favorite brioche recipe to create a wonderfully sweet, soft, rich, and savory bread. Imagine using this to sop up some of those scrambled eggs mentioned earlier.


There are countless ways to use truffle butter for your culinary explorations, these are only a few of our favorites.  At Angel’s Salumi & Truffles, our truffle butters are made in the French and European style.  The result, a mouthwatering symphony of flavor and texture.  Order our famous black truffle butter or white truffle butter today and get cooking!



 Black Truffle Butter in an 8 Ounce Sleeve
 White Truffle Butter in an 8 ounce sleeve
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