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Buon Frutto EVOO White Ceramic Bottle
Buon Frutto EVOO White Ceramic Bottle

Product Summary

Frantoio Di Sant’agata D’Oneglia's "Buon Frutto" Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500mL) is made with cold-pressed Taggiasca olives grown 200-500 meters above sea level along the Ligurean coast. EVOO has a strong flavor, a full-bodied, smooth appearance, and an intense and vivacious character. The natural olive oil is hand-pressed and infused with sweet almonds, pine nuts, and artichokes; giving it less than 0.3% acidity. EVOO makes for a perfect finishing oil on every dish.

Buon Frutto comes in a white ceramic bottle which makes for a beautiful counter-displayed olive oil in your kitchen. 

Product Integrity:

  • 99% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1% Green Almond, Pine Nuts & Artichokes
  • Made in Italy

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