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Magret Duck Breast
Magret Duck Breast
Magret Duck Breast Packaged

Product Summary


From Muscovy or Moulard Ducks. Our average duck breast of magret weighs 16 oz.


Our duck is certified Cage-Free, Hormone-Free, Antibiotic-Free, and Humanely Raised with an emphasis on a stress-free environment and plenty of space to allow for natural flocking behavior. This hybrid breed is known for its rich red meat which gives us a hearty magret - or duck breast.


Magret duck breast is best served medium rare. Pan-Sear, Pan-Roast, Sous Vide, Grill, Cure. Score the layer of fat before cooking to render and crisp. Slice the magret against the grain in 1/4 inch slices after resting and before dressing with your favorite sauce.


Serves 2 as main course. Sold in uncooked state. For frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing.

About Our Duck:

Raised in North America on a 200-acre farm, our Moulard ducks come from a cage-free environment and are fed a high-quality exclusively vegetarian diet, free of antibiotics or hormones. A hybrid cross between a Muscovy and Pekin duck, the Moulard has a hearty breast and hefty legs that is makes it the poultry of choice for foie gras in certain regions of France.

Our charcuterie collection already includes delicious duck options like our Dry-Cured Duck Breast, Duck Salami, Pre-Sliced Duck Prosciutto, ready-to-cook Duck Magret, and Duck Foie Gras Terrine or Torchon. Now we’re delighted to offer you a new way to enjoy charcuterie: Duck Rillettes! Rillettes is a fantastic combination of the confit duck flavors. This luxury version of appetizer should be enjoyed slightly chilled, liberally spread on toasted bread, and accompanied by an artisanal cheese or bottle of wine.

Don't be shy, give it a try!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide top quality, uniquely handcrafted salami to the sophisticated palate. Our artisanal products are made with the finest natural meats available and enriched with nuances of European and Mediterranean flair. 

 Our focus is dedicated to creating culinary magic, while elevating your favorite dishes to gastronomic luxury. With every taste, you’ll encounter the history of passion and the years of dedicated worldly experience that goes into each product.

Pascal Besset
Founder & CEO, Angel's Salumi & Truffles

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