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Mahon-Menorca - Aged 6 Months
Mahon-Menorca - Aged 6 Months

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    This is a strong and highly aromatic cured cheese from the island of Menorca, Spain, Mahon, a family favorite and a staple on the Spanish cheeseboard. This semi-mature cheese is made with cow's milk and boasts a rich, deep flavor with hints of butter and toasted dried fruit and nuts.


    The maritime environment of Menorca, where the air is dry and salty, results in this spicy, salty and tangy, but milky and smooth cheese. Serve by grating over pasta, risotto, or polenta, and pair with a Spanish red wine. Try our cheeses with our salami for the perfect party.


    Sold per piece, each piece between 7oz-8oz minimum.

About Frantoio Di Sant'agata D'Oneglia

Frantoio's oil mill is located in the small, picturesque village of Sant`Agata d`Oneglia, in the hilly countryside of Imperia, overlooking the Ligurian coast, where our family has been making typical regional products from our small, highly aromatic Taggiasca olives for over 190 years. The olive trees are pruned and harvested by hand. The rhythm of the seasons revolves around the harvest. Our small Taggiasca olive is picked before it is fully ripe, sorted on the same day and cold pressed with the utmost precision. All this is done to create an aromatic, naturally pure, oxidant-free olive oil. The result is a delicate food that is good for your health and beauty.Their great success lies in the fact that the products are not mass-produced, and their consistently high quality is appreciated by lovers of Mediterranean cuisine.


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