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What Does Truffle Salami Taste Like?

If you’re a serious food lover, then you must try Truffle Salami, a unique union of French, Italian, and American culinary gems - Berkshire pork meat from Kansas and Truffles sourced in Perigord, France and Alba, Italy. Truffle aficionados are able to safely enjoy nine of the sixty-three types of truffles in the world, with six of them hailing from Italy and reigning supreme over the culinary world. Italian and French  truffles are highly prized for their intense aroma and flavor that can enhance anything they are added to.

This Angel’s Salumi & Truffles guide will tell you everything you’ve wanted to know about truffle salami, including the types of truffle salami, what truffle salami tastes like, and where to get authentic truffle salami. 

You may also want to take a look at our culinary subscription boxes, which deliver new types of salami (including truffle salami) and other charcuterie items on a monthly basis, so you can expand your comestible palette with flavors from Italy and France.


What Does Truffle Salami Taste Like

Salt to Table: What is Salami? 

Salami refers to a type of cured sausage produced from fermented and air-dried meat, typically pork. Salami can be kept out at room temperature without the need for refrigeration for a long time after being sliced, which has kept this meat as a historic favorite among the peasants of Southern, Eastern, and Central Europe who were able to add to a usually meager or inconsistent supply of fresh meats. Each region and nation of Europe produces its own distinctive type of salami, but they all pair perfectly as a mealtime meat-and-cheese combination.

The word “salami” is derived from the word, ‘sale’, meaning “salt,” and ends with an Italian collective noun (-ame). This resulted in it originally being used as an umbrella term for all types of salted meats. However, while there are numerous types of cured meats within Italian culinary tradition, the term “salami’ evolved into a term that specifically refers to ground meat that has been salted and spiced, extruded into a stretched, thin casing, and then left to naturally ferment and dry over an extended period of time that could be days, months, or even years.

Fermentation that allows the beneficial organisms to thrive and prevent harmful organisms from growing has been in meat production for centuries. The use of particular food processing practices is also directly influenced by the environment, as demonstrated by the Mediterranean, French, and Italian salami varying in Northern and Southern production. Our unique truffle salami is dry-cured, fermented, and then aged for three months in a dry room, and is made with 5% truffles. 


The Introduction of Berkshire and Truffle Salami 


The truffles begin their journey into becoming the featured element of truffle salami when skilled truffle hunters scour the dense woodlands or planted orchards with their trained truffle hunting dogs who sniff out the underground truffles before they can ripen. They do this one, singular truffle at atime. 


The truffles are sniffed out by the dog, who then alerts the farmer. The farmer must carefully unearth the delicate truffles from the soil with a rake and then gently excavate them by hand. 


Truffles are harvested seasonally, with the black summer truffles harvested between May and September and the white Alba truffles harvested in the early fall through winter.


With our Angel’s Salumi & Truffles manufacturing capabilities in Europe and the U.S., we unify the culinary gems of salami and truffles with Black Truffle Salami (made with 100% Berkshire pork meat and 5% black truffles) and White Truffle Salami (made with 100% Berkshire pork meat and 5% white Alba truffles). 


While our truffles are sourced in Perigord, France and Alba, Italy, the Berkshire pork meat with which they are made comes from a family-owned farm in Kansas, in the United States.


The Berkshire hog bloodline dates back to the 1600s, in Britain. This unique and rare heritage breed of pork boasts rich coloration, renowned inner marbling, and prized texture and tenderness that all come together to create a flavor profile that is completely unlike any other meat in the world. Our Berkshire pork meat is sourced directly from the aforementioned Kansas farm where the pigs are domestically raised and spend the majority of their lives roaming freely outside. 


The hogs are all raised in a low-stress environment without the use of any antibiotics, steroids, or growth hormones. The pork is certified under the six-point USDA Process Verified Program to ensure consistent quality and product standards. The six points include: age, source and location from birth to harvest, feeding, raising protocols, and processing. 

What does truffle salami taste like, Angel's Salumi & Truffles

Types of Truffle Salami 

Our truffle salamis are created using the finest ingredients and prepared with the deep, earthy flavors of fresh truffles. 

Want to really know what truffle salami tastes like? Try our savory salami the next time you serve up a charcuterie spread or just want to pair some delicious salami and crackers. Don’t forget the creamy cheeses, grapes, and full-bodied wines to go with the spread!

Black Truffle Salami 

Our Black Truffle Salami is made with 100% Berkshire pork and 5% black truffles from Perigord, France. This salami is prepared with French Brandy and a blend of spices for a rich and salty-sweet flavor that carries earthy, chocolatey notes infused by the truffles. This truffle salami pairs well with a Red Burgundy wine or a White Burgundy wine, depending on preference. 

Our Pre-Sliced Black Truffle Salami, made with Berkshire pork and black truffles, is prepared with red wine, Armagnac, Juniper berries, and spices for an ambrosial taste. 

This type of truffle salami tastes delicious sliced thin on the biased and sandwiched with cheese. It’s also amazing chopped or peeled and used to finish your favorite pasta or risotto. There are few types of meats that lend themselves as well to black truffles as the Berkshire pork does. 

This savory truffle salami tastes  buttery and slightly sweet, tender and moist, and just aromatically musky and earthy – an enchanting combination of flavors.

White Alba Truffle Salami

Our White Alba Truffle Salami is made with 100% Berkshire pork meat that is dry-cured, fermented, and aged for three months in a dry room. This type of truffle salami is prepared with 5% White Alba Truffles from Alba, Italy, as well as Grappa and white peppercorn. 

This delectable salami is a truly masterful tapestry of two luxurious ingredients: aromatic Alba white truffles and stunningly marbled purebred Berkshire pork meat. The natural marbling and rich flavor of the Berkshire meat is the perfect complement to the garlicky, aromatic white truffles. The full-bodied, robust flavor of the Berkshire and Truffle Salami is entirely unique. 

Enjoy this White Truffle Salami sliced and served on an antipasto or charcuterie board, paired with some mild cheeses, dried fruits, fresh figs, melons, and cashews. 



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Where to Buy Truffle Salami in San Diego 


Knowing where to buy artisan, high-quality truffle salami can be difficult, but finding that premium truffle salami to use in your charcuterie, pasta, sandwich, eggs, or even just as a snack is easy with Angel’s Salumi & Truffles. Read our Dinner is Served blog post for some delicious ways to use salami in DIY meals. 


In addition to gifting yourself some of savory truffle salami, you can also share this unforgettable gourmet experience with others as well! 


Send the discerning foodie on your holiday gift list an artisan food gift basket that includes some truffle salami and other culinary delights to pair it with. The baskets are especially perfect for your boss or clients. 


Share the life-changing knowledge of what truffle salami tastes like with someone you love by gifting a Unique Food Subscription Box with inclusions of selected truffle salami varieties. Show appreciation to the foodie you know with high-end tastes by surprising them with a Black Truffle Trio Gift Box that includes three Black Truffle Salamis set in a beautiful gift box presentation. 


Want to know more? Call us directly at 760-931-1324 to speak to our sales concierge about ordering your truffle salami. 

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